Li Yuanyuan

Li Yuanyuan

Q1 Why did you choose GBP?

The GBP program has internships and guest lecturers with business management experience. By way of these educational opportunities, I am able to relate the theories of business administration to actual practices, which not only widens my horizon of knowledge, but is very helpful to achieve my goals. I want to start my own business in the future as well.

Q2 What are good things you experienced after entering GBP at Hosei University?

I experienced lots of good things in GBP classes. First, this program is entirely taught in English, which means that I can develop my English language ability. Meanwhile, it also offers the learning of the Japanese language. I think the opportunity to acquire an additional language is always available and can help me to become more socially adaptable. Second, I can experience active interaction with fellow students of different backgrounds and cultures, which can enhance my understanding of global business management and proactive participation in given tasks. Last but not least, the GBP class size is small so as to encourage active interaction between the professors and students.

Q3 What are good things you have experienced in Japan’s life?

Japanese people have very good manners and precise attitudes. I was impressed by their punctuality. Living in Japan, you will be influenced by this favorable environment. Japan is also a beautiful and safe country, I made many friends here and learned many things about Japanese culture, which broadened my horizon. I have many happy memories here and I love Japan.