1) Curriculum

One essential element in the management of globalized businesses is development of communication skills in the English language. For this reason, the GBP will be conducted entirely in English. The GBP program’s students will acquire a broad range of knowledge and theory, from a basic to expert level, which are indispensable to participation in the global business environment. Additionally, the GBP program includes in its curriculum company visits, internships and also classes given by guest lecturers with business management experience. By way of these educational opportunities, GBP students will be able to relate the theories of business administration to actual practices. The GBP program is divided into four units;
  • Basic unit – to learn the basics of business administration
  • Advanced unit – to acquire an advanced level of knowledge of business administration
  • Special lecture – lecture on specific subjects within the scope of business administration
  • GBP unit – lecture on business management and practice-based classes
An optimum combination of these four units will lead to the best mix of theory and practice.
Japanese companies have been able to maintain their competitiveness in the global business environment with outstanding craftsmanship, widely known in Japanese as “Monozukuri”, and top-quality services. In addition to large-scale manufacturers of products and brands with a world-widely reputation, many other companies in the areas of retailing and services also are successfully expanding their presence globally, particularly in Asian markets. Moreover, the Japanese style and spirit of hospitality, famously known in Japanese as “Omotenashi”, captures the hearts and minds of tourists from overseas. The GBP offers the unique opportunity to obtain in-depth knowledge of the Japanese style of business management, which has been fundamental to corporate success throughout the world. GBP students will be able to take language training courses to improve their communication skills in both Japanese and English, Moreover, students will have access to open classes in a separate program called SCOPE, which is conducted in English in the Faculty of Sustainability Studies. Enrolling in SCOPE’s open classes will enrich students’ academic life and broaden their knowledge using well-known real-life examples of Japan’s efforts to overcome environmental issues.

2) Diploma Policy

The degree “Bachelor of Arts (Business Administration)” will be awarded to students who have earned the prescribed credits, and have achieved the following levels of proficiency:
  1. Students acquire basic foreign language proficiency, including English, and fundamental knowledge of a field of business administration, and related fields, such as economics and information technology.
  2. Students acquire advanced knowledge and applied capabilities, mainly in the specialized fields of their departmental major.
  3. Students acquire broad cultural knowledge in other academic fields, enabling them to interact with and respect diverse people, and actively contribute to society and to others.In addition to the above common academic degree award policy, additional requirements for students in the Global Business Program include the following:
  4. The ability to acquire specialized knowledge of Japanese and international management, learn about different cultures, and conduct business using English.
◯ Checking Category based on Diploma Policy
  • D1・Basic Knowledge・Ability︓1Business Administration/2 Accounting/3 Economics/4 Information・Statistics/5 Others(Law etc.)
  • D2・Basic proficiency in English/Business Activity in English (Especially for GBP students)
  • D3・Understanding Japanese Management (For GBP students)
  • D4・Expanding Knowledge・Practical Ability
  • D5・Respect for Diversity, Cooperation with others