The Faculty of Business Administration at the Hosei University is the third oldest among Japanese universities. Since its foundation in 1959, the Faculty’s education and research studies have brought many graduates whose competency has been proven in the real business world. With our accumulated values built on a long history and tradition, combined with the school’s motto “liberty and progress” and “an enterprising spirit”, we keep challenging new issues. Most of the GBP program classes are taught by the faculty’s full-time professors, who are also leading researchers in the field of business Administration, each with expertise in their chosen subjects. There are also professors exclusive to the GBP program, whose students will benefit from a top-quality education. The GBP program class size is small so as to encourage active interaction between the professors and the students. The Faculty of Business Administration is housed within the school’s Ichigaya Campus, which is located in the heart of Tokyo. All departments and programs in the same Faculty are situated on this campus. The GBP is open to all candidates from around the world, and to those who wish to learn the Japanese style of business management as well as global business practices, in English. The student in this program will enjoy active interaction with fellow students from different backgrounds and cultures, which will enhance the understanding of global business management, and encourage proactive participation in learning activities. In addition, this will become an optimum program for studying Japanese style of management as well as the Japanese spirit of craftsmanship and hospitality. features-chart