Dear GBP Prospective 2020 Students,

I hope this message finds you and family well and safe. Since your application to Hosei University has been submitted, the spread of COVID-19 has changed the world. With this new development, it is understandable you and your parents are concerned about your future educational plan. Since there are new risks as well as new opportunities to take into consideration, I am writing to provide you an update on the measures Hosei University and the Government of Japan are implementing to protect the welfare of our students as they pursue their future aspirations.

First, on May 25, the Government of Japan lifted its emergency measures to fight COVID-19. Moreover, the rate of corona virus infections in the Tokyo Metropolitan and surrounding areas has been declining to around 10 or less per day. Nevertheless, this pandemic is not over yet. Until an effective vaccine is discovered, the world still faces future outbreaks.
● The Government of Japan has implemented a system to identify future hotspots, increase the capacity of the medical system, and provide monetary assistance to those affect by the pandemic (including provisions for students studying in Japan).

Second, Hosei University has been pro-active in ensuring the quality of education while safeguarding the personal health and safety of its community of students, faculty and staff.
● Each course is now delivered on-line through a) the Learning Management System on HOPPII(Hosei University’s educational and information portal, b) on-line meeting applications such as Zoom, or Cisco Webex, c) on-demand video lecture and d) some combination of a) 〜 c). These arrangements have been implemented to ensure data protection and personal privacy. Moreover, it has allowed our international students to continue their education while in their home country.
● In preparation for future natural disasters, Hosei University is improving its contingency plans to ensure a student’s four-year academic and social education goes uninterrupted.

The COVID-19 has reminded us of the importance of face-to-face social interaction on campus among students, faculty and other stakeholders in nurturing our human spirit. This is one reason why you have applied to Hosei University. I hope in light of the above information, you will continue to pursue your future aspirations at our educational institution. We expect to warmly welcome all prospective 2020 students to the Global Business Program and provide an educational atmosphere that transcends the COVID-19 pandemic.


Tetsu Sano
Dean, Faculty of Business Administration